Wednesday, April 15, 2009


When you come home
There will be a parade for you
When you come home
We will line the streets for you
When you come home, the kids will catch the candy that we throw
When you come home

If you come home
We will have a pilot write your name in the sky
and the birds will think you’re quite a legend
if you come home

Would it kill you to visit every once in a while?
If you did I’d make the bed up just how you like it
Christmas cards, impromptu phone calls won’t get me through the year
I want you here, I want you here

If you come home
We will post an ad in the newspaper that’ll say
For 30 cents a word “We hope you stay”
"We hope you stay."

I’ll cook a big meal with a turkey and a coconut crème pie
I'll use the good plates and the good cups, it’s been a while
Since we had company of any kind I’ve been meaning to
I need you, I need you

When you come home, when you come home

I know as well as they do that you’re doing well out there
But all these words in combination are ones that I don’t want to hear
You’ll never know how hard it is to let your baby go
One thing I know, one thing I know

When you come home, When you come home
When you come home you will be loved


  1. I love this song! You should come play a show at the University of Iowa. By the way.