Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the Planet Earth

In a note pad, in my living room
There are words you wrote not long ago
And if you leave me, and we don’t exchange each other's things
I will keep them and pretend they were about me

In the closet, there are your clothes hanging there
In the cupboard the food is how you left it
In the freezer the frozen pizzas pine along with me
And so we wait for you to come home

In a factory in small Midwestern town
There are women waiting for you there
And they are sexy and they know more about comic books than me
And when you’re gone I worry that they’ve found you

They are over 6 billion people on the planet earth, I am one you are another
And every second that we spend together brings us closer to
Where we will end up

In the toy aisle of some department store
I will wait there expecting you to show
And if you don’t come, I will start a conversation with myself
And even when you’re gone you are well spoken

If you don’t come back to me this time
If you don’t come back to me now


  1. This has got to be one of the raddest original ukulele songs I've ever heard. I am trying to learn how to play it, although my plinky plinky version is nowhere near as good as Danielle plays it. Goooooo Sandwich! :D

  2. Hey Danielle! Can you put out chords, strum and so on? I really wanna cover you :D

  3. Hey Danielle..... I am a huge fan of yours..... i don't play the ukulele, but i play the guitar.... you don't happen to know guitar chords of this song??? PLEASE??!??!?!
    Love you loads!
    Gracexxx (your BIGGEST fan.... there isn't a song u wrote that i don't like!)