Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Carnivore, sink your teeth into the hills
hide your nose if you’re worried they’ll find you out
lick your lips clean of lambs meat and innocence
you are king of the creatures because you kill

Herbivore, there are meadows and mall parking lots
full of luscious landscaped geraniums
wash your tongue in these waters you know so well
in the end you’ll be begging to bleed to death

Amoeba, I need you
swimming so confident all alone in your test tube

Parasite, you know you’re not welcome here
breaking windows and sneaking under the skin
You are last, in this circle the scientist made
to give names to the wild things that live in the woods

Warrior, the bullets will bounce from your skin
Mix your medicine and feed the wounds of your men
Geronimo, they drove you off of your land
Caught and captured an animal, you died a man

Oh Darwin, where are you?
We were fools to believe anything
other than what you wrote in your notebook

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
We were fools to believe anything

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