Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When Will the Writer

Engineer, engineer me
Tie the strings to lift the pulleys
Pull the elevators up and down
Climbing buildings, I am thinking of you now

Engineer spin my worries
make a forest for yourself and then forge me
winter winds have been blowing cruel and cold
In my head I think things I’ll never know

Engineer, please be truthful
Engineer, I’m no fool

Engineer, he has frozen
All my limbs with his potions
I will drink your drug until I’m dry
You can catapult me anywhere you like

Engineer use your equations
to solve the things I’ve not dared to
It seems to be, so very simple
when you are making math problems up in your head

Engineer, calculate me
Use your numbers and your shapes to relate me
standing still, my gut and gullet growl
Soon or later April, come she will

Engineer when will the writer lift his pen
I’ve been patient all year

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