Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conversations With Dead People

When I see you
Sitting in the restaurant
Counting complex carbohydrates
I will wonder where it was I knew you from

I will give you my regards
When you turn to go
And in these final parting phrases
I will overanalyze the way your eyes moved slower than before

Winter morning
In the parking lot of my apartment complex
I will be the first to force eye contact
These dashing darting deer in headlight looks are getting tired

From time to time
When I am feeling troubled
I will unfold these letters from old friends and lovers
Thinking fondly of the long agos
The penmanship and perfect strokes
Even though I saved these notes
I won’t pretend I know you anymore

Held in hallways
Caught in corridors
We will speak these warm words
Half empty half full

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